JOS®-cleaning north your competent and reliable partner is if it concerns the protective and correct cleaning of more valuable, historic buildings.  With that patented and guarantee demonstrable especially protective JOS®-procedure we an effective and economical cleaning and graffiti distance also in most sensitive lower reason.
We more closely would like to introduce you the JOS®-procedure, use possibilities and the team of JOS®-cleaning  north here.  Just as we introduce you reference projects, that, hope enable becomes we, you an extensive insight into our offer and our work.

On this page ( UK Mission ) you will find our professional and experienced partner:

  • Franz Noll - Mastercraftsman                               
    Mortar and joint repairs on facades

  • Andreas Zawierucha - Painter 
    “Skin Care” for your building

    In addition, our service partner is a court-appointed expert in painting and heat insulation with years of experience.
    Specializes of private projects (Inside-outside), national heritage and listed buildings.

  • Dr. Ralf Kownatzki - Geologist                             
    Dr. Albrecht Germann - Geologist

    Offers a comprehensive consulting and investigation service to the preservation of historic buildings and monuments constructed of dimension stone.
    They investigate stone damage and determine its causes, with all necessary tests and standardized tests.
    They are court-appointed experts


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