This invention, recognised as unique across the globe, serves to clean a wide variety of surfaces made of stone, metal, glass, synthetics, aluminium and all types of wood. The key feature is that the cleaned materials are not attacked or even abraded. With natural masonry, for example in cultural and historical monuments, structures cannot be removed in any way. For valuable bronzes, the patina must not be abraded; wood, for example in renovation after a fire - here only the damaged fibres must be removed without damaging the healthy structure.
In these instances, JOS cleaning occurs faultlessly, without substanceloss, without discoloration or other detrimental influences on the object's surface. It has been demonstrated on many varied objects, and often subjected to scientific evaluation. The dirt layers are rapidly removed and the treated substrate itself left unaffected by the emerging rotating, sliding granulate.
The user is therefore not subjected to the risk anymore, that non-permissible damage could occur when using the jet for a short period on an already adequately cleaned surface. This in turn means that areas with stubborn contamination can be cleaned further without taking special consideration of neighbouring, already cleaned surfaces.