1. Cleaning Listed facades and objects made of natural stone.
    The timeless beauty of these objects is subjected to great stresses. Contamination, efflorescence as well as algal and moss growth occur. Without a prompt treatment, there is arapid loss of value and aesthetics.The Jos-procedure has gained an excellent international reputation in this area. Famous objects worldwide are also protected effectively from substanceloss and depreciation by using the impregnation service.

  2. Cleaning of industrial and brick facades.
    a. Suitable for surfaces made of stone, wood, glass, synthetics, aluminium, powder coated plate, industrial facades and large vehicles (trains).
    b.Removes coatings such as: dispersions, minerals, paints, varnishes, glazes, as well as resistant deposits of grime on a diverse range of surfaces, - effortlessly, efficiently and yet gently.

  3. Paint and graffiti removal.
    A rapid, gentle and environmental removal from practically any surface, by using the JOS-procedure.

  4. Cleaning of altars, sculptures, monuments and gravestones made of natural stone, bronze, etc.
    These objects allow us and the next generations to remember people and events with respect. However, they are subjected to the destructive forces of nature, e.g. mosses and algae, lichens and other encrustations that leave damaging traces. This valuable material is protected by using the JOSprocedure and a subsequent impregnation.


  5. Cleaning ships and boats
    In particular, those parts of a boat that are immersed day after day in water are damaged by salt water, algae and shellfish. For this reason, the submerged surfaces of ships and boats are usually coated every couple of years with a new protective coat, which is supposed to protect against attack by algae etc.. To date, these surfaces have been sanded down to the lowest layer before the new protective coat is then applied.
    Because of the remarkably gentle mode of action of the JOS-procedure, this cleaning can occur in a fraction of the time. Sanding before applying the new coat becomes redundant.

  6. Wood and fire damage restoration
    The appropriate and gentle removal of paint and fire damage plays a large role in this type of restoration. Paint stripping or blasting with high pressure cleaners is certainly not recommended as the chemicals or high pressure can cause further damage. The JOS-procedure is also a suitable method in these sensitive restoration areas and is recommended by specialists dealing with fire damage.