Characteristics of ProStone

ProStone® is a water-based emulsion of a modified reactive siloxane

The advantages


ProStone® is free of solvents and biologically decomposable.

ProStone® has no flash point and is free of toxic cleavage products.

ProStone® is available in four different brands with different degrees of hydrophobic impregnability

ProStone® prevents the efflorescence of soluble salts, lime, and minerals.

ProStone® increases  frost resistance considerably and prevents growth of  moss and algae.

ProStone® preserves natural appearance and does not cause discoloration.

ProStone® has surpassed all impregnation standards considerably.

ProStone® guarantees lasting respiratory activity and a natural gas exchange.

ProStone® offers a product guarantee when used expertly of 10 years.

ProStone® guarantees a perfect UV permanence.

ProStone® is especially protected against attack by micro-organisms through the addition of environmentally friendly agents.

ProStone® was successfully tested by the renowned national institute for building and construction research – IBAC.



ProStone®  Products


ProStone®      1000

Especially developed for the alcaline base for the impregnation of facades and finished parts (concrete, cement render, cement fibre boards, sand-lime bricks), stair landings, terrace tiles, quarry tiles. For vessels, figures and ornaments made of concrete and poured cement.


ProStone®      2000

Especially developed for the pH-neutral base for the impregnation of natural stone, (marble, granite, slate, sandstone). For facades and surfaces made of clinker and clay building materials.

Also excellent properties with ceramic products.


ProStone®      Terracotta

 Especially developed for hydrophobic impregnation of terracotta of all qualities.